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luni, 6 august 2012

Creatiile anului 2012: ianuarie-iulie/ 2012 Handmade Gallery

Realizam la comanda orice model din cele prezentate aici, orice marime sau culoare .Pentru comenzi ma puteti contacta pe mail: . Va astept cu mare drag!

I can create and execute by order any of the model listed bellow, in any colour and sizes. You just email me on and I will comunicate the price and other details.
Thank you for your visit and have a nice Shopping day!

Dress and hat for 2-3 years old girls - only by custom made- Price 35-40 euro

Bolero and hat for 4-6 years old girls- made by custom only, Price between 28-35 euros

Nice and worm cardigan with hat, for 6-9 years old girls- made only by custom in any other sizes and colours- Price for this one: 45-50 euros

prices started from 45 euro
prices started from 45 euro

A niceand ellegant dress and hat, for a 3-4 years old girl, made only by custom, Prices started from 45 euro

cardigan and hat - prices started from 45 euro

Unique dress for special events, made only by custom in any sizes, Price started from 65 euro

A very ellegant hat ans skirt for a pretty 3-4 years old girl, prices started from 40 euro

A very special dress for special girls, could be crocheted from cotton or wool, or acrylic, in any sizes and colours. Prices started from - 40 euros

prices started from 40 euros

A very nice dress foa a very nice baby-girl-made  only by custom, prices started from 35 euros

Swetter- prices started from 35 euros

A very funny cardigan for a nice little boy- made only by custom, prices started from 35 euros

"ZOO" pants, swetter and hat for a nice boy, only custom made- prices started from 60 euro